Frequently Asked Questions

Foot orthotics are custom devices (insert/insoles) designed to be worn inside sneakers/shoes to help distribute weight evenly from heel to toe, improve balance, alignment, reduce fatigue, and improve shock absorption. Our FootTek comfort orthotics are specifically customized for your individual feet, for you and only you, similar to a pair of eye glasses.

We do not accept and bill insurance. Typically Orthotics are not covered by many Insurance carriers. Flex Spending and Health Savings Accounts are accepted. Credit cards, checks, and cash sales are accepted.

Your Orthotics are only as good as the footwear you put them in. It is best to use custom foot orthotics in completely enclosed footwear (athletic shoes, oxford, dress) with a removable inner liner.

The longevity of your orthotics depends on a number of factors such as usage, work surface, training surface, weight-bearing hours, type of activities, body weight and shoe type. It is difficult to estimate exactly how long they will last because everyone's situation is different. Orthotics will eventually break down after prolonged use. I equate it to a tire on a vehicle, the more miles you drive the more wear on your tires.

Everyone. Think Prevention. You do not have to be in pain to benefit from proper foot support! Age, weight and activity all play a part in the challenges your feet face every day. Being proactive and providing the proper support for your feet can help lessen the impact of future problems such as shin splints, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, and much more.

Wash with warm or cool water and mild soap, pat and/or air dry. Do not expose them to high heat.

Yes, they are removable and transfer nicely between similar pairs of shoes. On occasion you may require a second pair to use in some footwear, such as high heels, loafers, and ski boots, for example.

Off-the-shelf inserts are typically made of materials such as very flexible plastics, gel or rubber that loose their support once you stand on them. The arch is structured to fit the masses and does not offer a custom support. Sizes are fitted by shoe size, not your arch size. They are a low cost temporary fix to a somewhat larger problem.

The solution: FootTek Custom Orthotics are specifically crafted for your individual feet, customized with the appropriate materials and modifications to help relieve your pain and get you moving again.

Yes, included up to 3 times within the first 3 months from delivery.

No Charge - Our service area is 40 miles from 02818 zip code. However, there is a small charge added outside our service area.